A story of freshness

Meet the founder & creator


My name is Monna White and I created my skincare line in the Summer of  2015. 


It was actually started by accident.

That summer I had undergone four different exploratory and invasive eye surgeries within aa span of two months.


As a result, my eye was severely scarred, infected and swollen.

I became concerned with my healing process when all of the topical medications prescribed to help me heal failed.


In fact, they made things worse, causing more skin irritations to my already sensitive skin.  


After doing research on my own, I sought out natural anti-oxidants and chemical free remedies.


I'd seen beautiful African people use natural things for centuries that produced healthy, glowing skin and hair. 


It was at that point that my product line was born.


It was a grassroots effort done all on my own. I began to notice a drastic improvement in my skin and especially my eye.

Other people also took noticed the changes in my skin, and wanted my shea butter formula that I had created for myself as part of their healing. 

Also, from there I started adding other natural and organic products to my skincare line .

I believe that through my difficult circumstances allowed me to make lemonade out of lemons.


I've been able to help so many others who may be dealing with their own skin disorders.


It's been a blessing to help others to learn to invest in, and pamper themselves with my healing products.


I decided to put my products on the market because I want EVERYONE to look and feel good about themselves.


There is a silver lining in every grey cloud!