My Coaching & Developing Style


Fitness isn't all physical. It first starts from within. We must first start to change the way we mentally process our emotions as well as the bad habits that we have developed over the years. In my coaching approach, I promote not only, creating and strong body, but also healthy skin, and strong mind. While there are negative stigmas concerning muscularity in women, I teach the importance of being not only strong, but also maintaining curves and sex appeal. I find that sex appeal derives from being confident and confidence derives from feeling great about the positivity you are creating in your life. Confidence comes natural when you are completely fit...MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. I coach you into FULL BODY FITNESS, starting with SELF AWARENESS/WELLNESS, and CONFIDENCE.

The weight and the procrastination wasn't developed over night so it takes some time to find out what has occured in our lives that becomes the root of why we are here at this point in this time. The first step is admitting that there is in fact a problem that you need help and support with. That way we can start doing the real work on the mind and thoughts first. As your fitness professional and coach, I will give you the keys and education to maintaining them through positive re-enforcement. I can not stress enough that you can not and will not maintain a NEW body, or lifestyle with an old mind. 

I am so happy that you have decided to change your life and unveil the Goddess in you and at least start to do the reseach to seek ou help. You should be proud of yourself.

Here is your opportunity to do something that will help you to set your sights higher and become a more fit, fierce, confident, and more FABULOUS you!

I know how difficult it can be to finally reach the decision to get off the couch and do something to change your fitness and nutritional life. As you have probably discoved by now, I have been there and can relate to not having proper support but also, not believing that my hopes and dreams for the body that I wanted to acheive was actually obtainable. This is the very reason why I created this platform to reach out to others who are experiencing the same difficulties that I ran into. First of all, you have to BELIEVE that you can and that you ARE WORTHY of having anything that you are imaging for yourself and your amazing life.

I am here to push you and help you to step outside of your normal comfort zone and achieve your goals at your own pace. Slow and steady progression one friggin, flippin, FABULOUS day at a time is what I believe in! Not only do I make sure that you have all the proper tools necessary to reach your goals, but we deep dive to build the program around what is really eating you. Yeah, I know that sounds funny because we should be speaking about what you are eating. But here is what I've learned, most of the time what we are eating has everything to do with what's actually eating away at us.  






Although exercise isn't rocket science, there is still a science behind it. That is why it is so important that you share with me the time, dedication, and commitment that you are able to contribute to adding it to your busy schedule. It is with that bit of information that I can devise a program that will fit into your life and take you to your goal. Your weekly updates, being accountable with your check-ins, and your monthly adjustments are all inclusive to helping you to become successful with your program. 



I don't believe in, nor do I promote fad diets, spot training, and quick fixes. I won't bother designing a plan that you can't follow, or enjoy. Afterall, this is about making a lifestyle change. It has little to do with dieting for a short period of time. This lifestyle is about changing your old habits and adopting a diet that you can apply to your everyday life, for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. If you have questions about how and where you're able to eat outside the home, or wise treat/cheat meal selections, just ask me and the answers are always available to you.