I talk to so many women who have major goals and BIG dreams that they'd like to accomplish but are limited because of the way they feel about their bodies, or the inability to express themselves openly.


They are allowing their body to hold them back from setting out to embark on those amazing dreams. Year after year passes by and we are telling ourselves the same story about how we'll get started once we lose weight, or when the kids are out of school, or when the hours at work aren't so demanding. Meanwhile, those hopes, dreams, and desires stay locked away.

If Not NOW Then When?

The thing is though, weight loss isn't always the perfect answer to not reaching, or setting out to accomplish your lifes goals. You can lose all the weight you want with the right diet and exercise. If your mind isn't right, nothing will be right.


I hate to inform you that if you don't first change your mindset, push through challenges, negative self talk, and self doubt, your changes will only be temporary ones. 

Stop Waiting & Give Yourself Permission

I'm only being real with you because this work is a part of my divine calling. I want to help you change your life and start living out all your hopes and dreams just as you see them in your minds eye. I had to be called higher so that I could began to help you to see your own higher self.


We think that we need to wait for the perfect time to get our bodies together, find the love of our lives, wait for others to give us their approval before we really start living out loud and being FABULOUS.


I'm here to help guide you. 


If I had never taken the leap to do all the wonderful things in my life until I had everything perfectly in place, I'd still be overweight and hoping and wishing for a better day, or a better way.


We work so hard NOT to appear weak, or vulnerable that often times we don't reach out for the help we need.


Unfortunately, that becomes part of the SELF SABOTAGE too. Fear of not being liked, and fear of appearing weak causes us to hide who we really are. We hide, immobilize, and imprison ourselves only to wind up becoming more weak, and more miserable.


I work with those women who desire to reconstruct their minds and their lifestyle to become healthier.


The weight will fall away, and the confidence will become stronger at the point where we start to become our TRUE GODDESS selves.


We must began to say YES! to ourslves for once and for all.


A POWERFUL woman doesn't tolerate weakness within her mind, or her body. She takes the action required to construct her best self. She steps into her role as a leader by allowing herself to be lead.  


Love and embrace who you are today so that you make room for the confident, bolder, more beautiful you who's awaiting her debut. 


Say "YES"  to yourself and step into your greatness!