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I really wish I could bottle up all the emotions of a transformation journey!


Even the fear and doubt has it's place in the process, and is absolutely normal when you are about to embark on a whole new life.


Every client that has ever decided to work with me starts out with the same emotional anxiety. Those emotions are all fuel to fire up your soul and start you on your AMAZING journey to create the life, and body you desire.

- Monna White


Prior to meeting with Monna my life was pretty much conventional. I was relatively happy; family/friends, hanging out, dating, good job, vacations that included traveling around the country. That being stated, it wasn't as fulfilling for reasons which, at that time, I couldn't comprehend why. But something was missing. More than a few people would tell me that they envy my life[style] and the certain measure of "gusto" in which I approached this thing called life. But if they only knew a certain emptiness I felt inside. This "emptiness" became my "Achilles heel" in a way that negatively impacted the way kept me distant from those who I would otherwise be closer with, the way that I interreacted with my co-workers and managers and others in my immediate circle. Oddly, I was able to fulfil their own entrenched ideas of how life should be lived but not my own. How disingenuous is THAT?! Plain and simple, I was not being true to myself. 


Not to sound like an old cliche', this old chestnut directly applied to me; "Your biggest obstacle is in between your ears!" Doubts and fears of the unknown. I imagine the vast majority of us experiences this. The true irony of it all is that we celebrate OTHERS who allow themselves to shed the weight of doubts and fears to pursue a rich and meaningful experiences as they travel through this thing I like to call "life outside the matrix". I've existed in this "matrix" and bound myself to its laws believing that this was all that there is and ever will be. My obstacle was this "programing" that we pretty much received since childhood. 


I have the advantage of knowing Monna prior to her even recognizing and realizing her on Divine nature and power while, at the same time, admiring her for her tenacity, ability to survive and rebound and inner strength. I am also very fortunate to witness her own transformation and ascension to the proverbial Throne! The old adage "Those who can do, do and those who CAN'T do, teach" does not apply to Monna. The "Goddess" CAN do and CAN teach--perhaps inspire and motive better describes Monna...she truly believes in herself. I believe is a person who actually "walks the talk"!


Simply put, her energy! It is so easy to vibe on a high frequency with Monna. And I can't forget to mention her humor!


Admittedly I am still a work in progress. I'm sure that I always will be but "if it had not been for YOU!" LOL My BIGGEST achievement is learning how to listen to my innermost being and following my heart! In doing so I am beyond optimistic about me living a richer and more meaningful life. I actually stepped out on faith in a BIG way! I am shedding those [material] things that I once believed defined but were actually anchors/weights preventing me from discovering my personal truth and discovering my own divine nature and my place in this world.


Immodest as it may sound, "I" exceeded my expectations when I worked with Monna. This, I believe, is the reason Monna was sent to me. I believe that is Monna's gift, helping others exceed their own expectations!


That someone really has to be prepared to open themselves up, be candid about their feelings and emotions. That's a major ingredient to "connecting"


To know her is to love her! Monna "shoots from the hip" in a way that I can truly appreciate. Monna takes YOUR life's happiness and well-being seriously..


-Jeffrey Wilson, 57


Life Change Client- Sanchel Brown



My fitness journey began June of 2016. Newly single, I concluded, time was needed to rediscover myself.  In my younger years, I was very physically active. I loved the way it made me feel. My confidence, prior to beginning my journey, had been shaken. I was a single mother of four, working full-time, and pursing my bachelor degree full-time. I was not taking very good care of myself nutritionally, physically, and lacked energy. I was referred to Monna by a close friend and decided to consult with her to get back on track.  During the consultation, Monna asked many personal questions. One being, “Why are deciding to do this now?” We talked about how as women, it is very common to take care of everything and everyone else but leave little time to invest in themselves. Monna was very easy to talk to. She shared her own personal journey of fitness and nutrition and showed before and after pictures of herself. I was EXTREMELY impressed with her transformation! For this reason, I decided to hire Monna as my personal trainer and started training shortly thereafter.


Monna created a meal plan for me as well. Her expertise and knowledge was unmeasurable. Not only did she create the meal plan but she also provided an explanation as to why certain foods were included in the plan. Tidbits for meal preparations were given also. It was tough transitioning from my previous way of eating to a clean eating lifestyle but I was determined to see results. Transitioning from a non-active lifestyle to an active lifestyle was challenging also. Monna provided great support and guidance in both areas. This made sticking to the plan a much easier process. Within thirty days, people noticed my weight loss of 20 lbs. and the compliments were endless. The rapid results inspired me to keep going full speed ahead! After four months, I was down 40 lbs. and six dress sizes. I was astonished with results and knew that I would never waver from this lifestyle! I will continue to invest in MYSELF DAILY!


The biggest thing I learned from the process is that with tenacity and perseverance, ANY goal is achievable. The transformation has increased my confidence tremendously. I receive compliments regularly not only on my physical appearance but my overall positive attitude as well. This positivity has made my family, career, and personal relationships much stronger. Family and friends say, “You are such a strong woman and you inspire me to want to do better!” That being said, I realize now that our journeys are not only for our personal growth but may help point others in a more positive direction as well. Each One Teach One!"


Ivy Wilson, Las Vegas


1. I was looking for change, and to feel better about myself. I was very unhappy with my appearance.

2. I was very depressed about how my body looked and felt when I had to buy clothes and how unattractive I looked. I knew I had to do something about that feeling.

3. My energy level was at the lowest it' had ever been and I wanted to change my lifestyle.  I just didn't know how to begin, but I knew I needed and wanted help.

4. I hired Monna first off, because she looked amazing! I thought to myself, "if she can look this fierce, so can I." 

5. When I got started I knew it was gonna be hard work, but I started the program with a positive mindset along with the will power to succeed.

6. I had no fear going into the program. I just knew my lifestyle was going to change and I was ready for the journey.

7. I stayed motivated by telling myself everyday I trained that I'm getting closer to my new body and lifestyle.

8. The first month I lost 20lbs and friends and family started to notice the changes in my body and attitude.

9. It doesn't matter where you are in your life, there's always room for improvement and it can be done with motivation and dedication.

10. Since my transformation I feel more confident about everything I do in my everyday life. My mindset is more powerful and positive than ever before. I feel like a new woman in a new body!



Tori Rhodes, Las Vegas



"When I 1st met Monna I was struggling to lose weight. I had lost a little weight on my own, but became stuck and need to kick start to get me to the next level. When I decided to train with Monna I was mentally ready to make a change in my life and fitness.


My health and energy levels were in the gutter before I started working with Monna. I was ready for change and that was my #1 reason for hiring Monna.


At first I thought I would probably not do good and fail like so many other times I tried. Nonetheless, I was ready to give it another try once and for all.


My biggest fear was not getting any results on my journey. But my motivation to keep going were the results I was started to see. I start getting those results immediately. I was losing 2 to 3 lbs a week with the workouts and the custom meal plan Monna provided.


It took about 3 weeks for others to notice. The biggest thing I've learned from my transformation is that you can do anything you put your mind to. When I sat down to consult with Monna I was confused and needed so much help know what to do and where to start.


But with her knowledge, patience, and understanding, now I know that I can accomplish my goals in every aspect of my life! I am so glad I made the decision to get the right help."


Ericka Manor, Las Vegas



"I was at a plateau with weight loss and wanted to see a change on the scale. Had set some goals to lose weight for an upcoming trip, alone it seemed out of reach. I was mentally focused on losing weight, without the tools to do it myself and the task felt overwhelming. I had made some positive lifestyle choices and had lost about 17 pounds but I had no energy and had not done any exercise in years.


Monna understood the struggle to make diet and exercise a lifestyle from her own personal story. It felt good to know that she not only talked the talk, but had walked in my shoes.  I felt determined and dedicated to a healthy way of life up until my trip. Having a goal is helpful to me, after the trip it felt hard to get back on track and set new goals. 


My biggest fear was investing in the program and not seeing any results. When you are seeing real changes with your body, it is an incentive to work harder; I had my eye on the prize, which was a beautiful trip to the Bahamas. The way I looked in clothes, the size change were all things that made me want to keep it up.


People were noticing after about 1 month, at about 6 months there were drastic changes. I never lost a ton of weight, but noticed a huge change in inches and muscle definition. It takes constant work!  It's hard to align everything diet, mind, and exercise, at the same time. Its frustrating to backslide, and try and get back in the right frame of mind, and put in the work. Life sometimes gets in the way. With my transformation, I had more energy, I felt stronger, and little things like lifting the five gallon water bottle, or the bbq gas tank were much easier.


Many everyday life task are a lot easier now. Being really focused in living a healthy lifestyle makes a social life more challenging but you have to think outside the box.  


Monna gives excellent advice and tools about how to live a healthy lifestyle (mind, body, diet). I learned not to be focused on the scale, and to set goals of getting strong vs. thin.


I felt good about my body and the way I looked, it made the hard work worth it! My experience with working with Monna was a love hate relationship, but she really got me in the best shape of my life, which is a confidence boost to anyone."




Amy Richardson, Las Vegas