A story of permission

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Monna White is known as MoTheGoddess, and affectionately referred to as Coach Mo!


She's someone who always thought she was the only one who ever experienced emotional trauma surrounding her body which steamed from an accumulation of childhood experiences.

For several years she carried insecurity and low self esteem around in regards to her relationship with her own body.

Those insecurities kept her hidden and living  her life hidden away in a box.


Eventually Coach Mo had  come to a point where she wanted to feel and look better. She wanted to stop living in victimhood and be powerful.


She no longer wanted to keep allowing her childhood traumas to limit her living.

She knew she had to take her power back so she set out to learn how to mother her wounded inner child and heal.

She literally permitted herself to awaken and blossom into her own superhero version of herself.

That's when the Goddess was born!

It wasn't until she began to own her truth and tell her story that she realized how many others share the same body image issues, and low self esteem brought on as a result of childhood trauma.

As she discovered more about herself and others who lacked support, her goal became to inspire, and encourage others with the principals and practices she used on her personal journey.


10 years later, by using her natural dominating character, she has become an expert Fem Dom, Life Coach, and an author who has introduced hundreds of individuals to the superhero version of themselves as well as connect with their shadow side.

Coach Mo shares in her NEW book "Permission to Power" the same 12 powerful "P" principals she used to FREE herself from captivity into living a fit, fierce, and fabulous life on her own terms.

It's the reciprocal energy for me