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I have developed a passion to help others get to the next level in their fitness life and develop self confidence because I lacked it for many years.


I found myself living an unhealthy lifestyle...not just physically, but mentally as



One day I woke up and decided that I would no longer allow myself to continue being in abusive relationships I found myself in. I found my liberation through physical fitness and set intentions to stay dedicated to myself, and fully invested in getting to a specific weight loss goal. 

I created an alter ego and I called her Goddess, which is now a lifestyle that I not only live but also coach. I use to be like many others who are afraid to live unapologetically, and out loud.


There are some women who don't know the power that they possess in their own lives and have been limiting themselves because of their own beliefs and fears. I am here to help you REVEAL the Goddess that lives within you.

Most women are taught to act and carry themselves in a non comfrontational, "prim and proper" way so that we stay in the comfort box. As long as you stay in the box, you & everyone else can be comfortable.


I myself, turned down my own glow for many years in hopes that people would like me and not be intimidated my strong personality and stature.

Well, NO MORE! I realize that I'm not alone in that way. We all want to feel liberated and FREE to be operating at our highest level.

I have developed a holistic approach to coaching you into fitness and beauty just by holding the mirror up to you. We start where you are and create a planned outline of where you desire to go.

Whether you are finding it difficult to fit in healthier foods, or a workout regimen into your schedule, or if you're unaware of how to establish a healthy lifestyle at all, I'm here to coach you. Together we will seek out and discuss where your obstacles are and what will work best for you.

I look forward to helping you change your mindset and ultimately, motivating you into changing your life.